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Thread: Living on disability

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    Default Living on disability

    I watched a segment on the Today show talking about a lady that had to give up her apartment because she could not live on the median income of $50,000. I should be nice but I just cant.......BOO HOO.

    Like anyone who had to go on disability I took a huge hit in the check book and ran through our savings and my retirement money. My wife works part time and has okay benefits. I will admit that I made good money working and my SSI is more than most however there is nothing left over at the end of the month. And like most folks if something goes haywire we are upside down. My credit which once was perfect is so bad that I could not finance a wrestling jacket for a hummingbird.

    Okay its not that we are destitute I manage to make the mortgage every month and despite that I had to re-due my loan and take an interest only payment, I really don't owe a lot on it. And I have some income from my renters. I am really afraid to start figuring my taxes as everything is based on the government mandate that you must be broke and nearly homeless before you qualify for help.

    Sorry for the rant.

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    What I get from SSDI each month is about what I used to make in about 20 hours of work a week. This is NOT a living wage. Thank goodness, we have other sources of income.

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    50,000 would keep me in skivvies and food quite well, I think. I'm on SS Retirement at 62 income and my savings. Not near 50,000, but I don't spend much, unless I want something, like a car seat, really bad. Then my savings takes a big hit. The interest used to be enough, but now, the interest is practically nil.

    I hate this disease..
    Love, Sally

    "The best way out is always through". Robert Frost

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    I'm barely making it

    Stand for something or you will fall for anything

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