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Thread: At the end of the line, no where left to go, no fight left

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    Default At the end of the line, no where left to go, no fight left

    I thought I would update in a new thread.
    I havent heard back from the Exceptional Treatments Panel as yet but I do believe that they will have denied my going to the states. My GP also agrees and thinks it is extremely unlikely they will agree to fund it.
    I saw my GP on Wednesday afternoon and he got me admitted to hospital. I saw a nice Professor who said that I need someone to take me seriously and follow this through to the very end. However it wasnt his decision to make as he is a medical professor not neurology, neurosurgery or neuro radiology.
    I was an in patient until this morning when a consultant neurologist stormed to my bed, flung the curtains shut, proceeded to treat me as if I was completely neurotic, and refused to do any further tests despite them being available, saying that sooner or later Im going to have to accept that the diagnosis of migraines is the right one and that a pain management program needs to be set up!!! I dont even have a pain management clinic caring for me!!! he was so rude, obnoxious, and ignorant. I tried to talk to him about the diagnostic tools that are required but he poo pooed each one saying icp bolt monitoring, and radiocisternography is the best way. Even though we know it isnt. He then left saying 'I wont open the curtains as no doubt you will get dressed now wont you'!!!
    So I did and I walked out.
    I now have no where left to go, no one to see, and am at the end of the line both fight wise and medical route wise.
    So there you have it. Nothing left.
    You have been all been so kind helping me so much and I thought I should tell you where I stand right now.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart

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    So sorry Sarah.

    I have been there so many times. You need to take a bit of time and regroup. Don't ever give up! Doctors do not have all the answers.

    The diagnosis I am always given is "after affects" of meningitis. Move on and accept it. They just don't seem to have the time to think things through with me, even when the history and symptoms fit and I have 2 positive tests for CSF leak (that are now considered false positive.) This is why I am trying the Botox. I hope that if the pain factor is taken away, the other symptoms will be more clear. I do think the muscle tension in my neck adds to my pain and symptom list.

    Do you think if you go to a pain clinic they could try the Botox again? Botox is often used for "migraines." If it helped before maybe you can get it cheaper at a pain management clinic.

    Hope things turn around for you soon. Thia

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    Dear Sarah I read your posts and feel your pain. The consulting physician should never have treated you this way, he did not have the love compassion you deserve. I will pray for stength for you this night here in the states. You are not alone even though you might feel like it. I was going to say keep on fighting girl, which we must do but that did not sound quite right for some reason because sometimes we do lose the fight in us. Know it is okay and human to feel weak the way you do. For what it is worth try to the best of your ability not to think to much about tommarow this test that test or the past all the headaches these things just make things worse for those of us who deal with overwhelming pain on a daily basis. peace


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