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Thread: It's Thanksgiving, So Be and Do Both

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    Smile It's Thanksgiving, So Be and Do Both

    It matters not how often we participate when we visit. It matters only that we can and do visit, free to actively participate as desired. Or, more importantly, as we need to in expressing our feelings, sharing experiences or simply supporting our fellow members. No score card of attendance is maintained, with the important aspect of this forum being the freedom to express ourselves with safety.

    I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Allow me to now give my heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of my forum friends, new and old. The reconnection with friends long lost over time is invaluable to me. My friends, continue to focus on that which is most important in life. Living in the moment with an eye on the future. Loving your family and telling them before the funeral. Make amends as it is never to late to say you're sorry and sincerely ask forgiveness. Our time in this human realm is short, yet has a sincere purpose.

    Peace be with you all and I wish you and yours a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday.
    NeuroNixed Craig
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    Craig, what a lovely post. You do have such a wonderful way of expressing what many of us feel around here for this board and the people on it. I thank you for posting this. We do need to learn to live in the moment and yet there are times when that is hard to do.

    I hope that you and your family have had a Happy Thanksgiving Day. I noticed that you were as usual up very early this morning, but I hope that you were still able to enjoy the day with your family.


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    Hugs to both you and Joyce. I hope your Thanksgiving was blessed as one more gift of a holiday where loved ones gather to appreciate each other. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

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