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Thread: To Those That Live In USA

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    Default To Those That Live In USA

    Have a Happy and Safe

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    Thank you, Abby, and have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone here!

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    Thank you, Abby!

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    I had a good Thanksgiving and was able to walk into my son's house, which is rather dangerous because of the stairs, and he won't put in a railing, but I hang onto the wall and place my feet carefully. Feet are numb so that's dangerous, and last year I fell down stairs and broke my knee, but these stairs are not in the same category of steep. They are broad. If there were a railing it would be fine. However, we had a great dinner, as his wife is a great cook, and watched Spy Kids 4. My grandsons are 9 and 6, just right for Spy Kids movies. I guess the family went skiing again in Colorado over the weekend, so I'm alone, but OK.

    I had an MRI and MRA and the results have been read but the neuro is not in over this weekend, so may find out this coming week what he saw. The MRI machine was so much more pleasant than I remembered from years ago when I had lots of MRI's. I have not had an MRA (of vessels) before. The MRA was very brief in time. I had headphones with classical music which also made it easier.

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