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    Default Trying something new

    I have been super depressed this last year, well, worse this last year. No sense of self care, doing the bare minimum on a daily basis which most days culminates in doing nothing but sitting on the computer. My pain has increased tremendously this last year it seems also. So my depression gets even worse. Finally told my psych and he raised my Latuda since I was only taking the minimum therapeutic dose so now I am up to 80 mg. I do feel differently but I can't pin down the right words to express it.

    so anyway, I took a survey online for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, honestly I found it on FB lol, and I didn't recall doing it but I must have agreed to a phone appt. Usually I don't answer long distance numbers, I screen my calls, but I answered this one and found out that this is available in my area and he said he believes my Medicaid/Molina will pay for it. I am desperate. It is a commitment of five days a week for 3-6 weeks then tapers off with three days a week on down. FDA approved. It is just down the street from me. I started to tear up when I found out that it is covered. Had I known I would have done it a long time ago.

    Pray for me guys that this gives me some relief.

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    Hi Chris,

    I am sorry you have been suffering. I didn’t know anything about this therapy but read about it after your post at the Mayo Clinic and Wikipedia sites.

    I hope it is covered by your insurance and that it helps you. What does your doctor think?

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    ((((((Chris)))))) ~

    Here's the information from Mayo Clinic, which ANN mentioned:

    My prayers are with you that TMS is effective and reduces your depression significantly without any adverse effects.

    Please let us know when your treatments begin.

    Love & Light,


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    Good luck with it! It seems to have very minimal possible side effects and sounds painless.
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