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    Default Good review of cognitive issues

    Common Cognitive Symptoms in MS

    MS can affect different parts of people’s brains and cause different cognitive symptoms. Some people with MS refer to their cognitive symptoms as “brain fog.” Some of the most common types of cognitive symptoms include:

    Examples of trouble with attention and concentration include:

    Your mind wanders or you lose your train of thought
    You are easily distracted and have problems concentrating on tasks

    Examples of problems with information processing are:

    Having trouble learning new things
    Feeling like your brain works slowly
    Feeling as though it is hard to follow conversations when more than one person is talking at once
    Feeling easily overwhelmed in loud places such as a restaurant or while watching a movie in a theater
    Having trouble following directions

    Examples of difficulty with short-term memory are:

    Forgetting people’s names
    Putting things back in the wrong place, for instance, the milk in the cupboard instead of the refrigerator
    Losing track of sentences or conversations in the middle
    Getting lost in places that you have been to many times
    Having trouble remembering how to do tasks, for instance how to use a debit card

    Examples of trouble with verbal fluency are:

    You can’t find the words you want to say
    You mix up the order of words, such as “cat black” instead of “black cat”
    You don’t say the words you intend, and can confuse words when speaking
    Examples of problems with executive functioning are:

    Having trouble multitasking, or doing more than one thing at the same time
    Difficulty organizing or planning

    Examples of trouble with visual-spatial relations include:

    Having trouble judging dimensions of areas - for instance, parking spots
    Confusion with sense of direction

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