Saturday, January 23, 2021

Improved surveillance of surgical instruments reprocessing following the variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease crisis in England: findings from a 3-year survey

***>''Implementing recent national guidelines to address the prions concern proved an eye-opener. Microscopic levels of proteins remain on many reprocessed instruments. The impact most of these residues, potentially including prions, may have on subsequent patients after sterilization remains debatable.''<***

DEAD people can't debate this, and it's a damn shame that after 5 decades, or more, of discussing this, we now know what to do, but still refuse to do it i.e. disposable instruments, jiminy cricket what the hell does it take, how many body bags of iatrogenic cjd (now called sporadic cjd in most cases still) does it take, i guess it's just too easy to call it sporadic cjd and go on down the road.

all iatrogenic cjd is, is sporadic cjd, before the iatrogenic event is discovered, traced back, provern, documented, put into the academic domain, and then finally the public domain, this very seldom happens, thus problem solved, it's all sporadic cjd, PLUS, SPORADIC CJD HAS NOW BEEN LINKED TO ATYPICAL AND TYPICAL BSE, SCRAPIE, AND NOW CWD. ...terry