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Thread: Notify docs of your blood thinners before getting COVID19 vaccine

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    Default Notify docs of your blood thinners before getting COVID19 vaccine

    As many stroke survivors are on blood thinners see here Stroke survivors can still get the vaccine but it looks like you may have to take some extra precautions if you have ischemic stroke...More here.

    Is the vaccine safe for people taking blood thinners like warfarin or other anticoagulants?
    Like most vaccines, the coronavirus vaccine is injected into the muscle of your upper arm. As with any injection, there is some risk of bleeding. Injections into your muscle may bleed a little more than injections that are given under the skin, but less than those that are given into a vein. If you are taking a blood thinner such as warfarin, or a new anticoagulant, the bleeding may take a little longer to stop and you may get more bruising on your upper arm.

    Public Health England and the Department of Health have said that you can have the vaccine if your anticoagulant treatment is stable. That generally means that you will have been taking the same dose for a while and that if you are on warfarin, that your INR checks are up to date and that your latest INR level was in the right range.

    Is the vaccine safe for people taking blood thinners like clopidogrel or other antiplatelet drugs?
    Yes. If you are taking an antiplatelet medication, such as clopidogrel, then the vaccine is safe for you to take. You may experience a little more bruising around the injection site.
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    That is good to know. Will they be having 1st and 2nd dosage too?

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