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Thread: Entirely Offtopic: Amazing Facts About and Experiences Of Me!

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    Talking Entirely Offtopic: Amazing Facts About and Experiences Of Me!

    I expect that we all have gathered lifetimes of experiences as have I.

    Also, I recall a time when too much offtopic posting was discouraged...but that is who I am... Offtopic, and here are a few things no one ever needed to know about me ! (oh, I can go on and on...) Feel free to post about yourself if you are so inclined.

    A. I climbed and spent the night atop Mt. Saint Helens in Washington State years before it blew up ! And I'd do it again, except I can't and the other thing is that I can't.

    2. I agreed to allow a student Doctor to perform his very first ever lumbar puncture on me during my MS diagnostic workup. (and I didn't even cry.)

    C. I have close relatives who are also diagnosed with MS.

    4. While I am reclusive, I am also very talkative in a reclusive sort of way.

    E. I have a lot more of this stuff but now its someone else's turn if you are so inclined...

    *another random thought *

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