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Thread: Help !! MRI + Contrast Images. Abnormal or Normal?

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    Unhappy Help !! MRI + Contrast Images. Abnormal or Normal?

    I've been dealing with an aggressive radiologist who doesn't know about CSF leaks and several times he refused to administer Gadolinium contrast, which resulted in me having multiple redundant MRI scans which showed nothing, followed by useless migraine related prescriptions.

    He's argued with a locum neurologist (who strongly suspected a CSF leak) saying that he doesn't understand the need for Gadolinium contrast and that Gadolinium is harmful because it stays in the body forever.

    I asked him if I could see my MRI (with contrast) images and he told me I'd need to pay money to see them - but it turns out I didn't have to pay at all.

    He said my imaging is normal but the ''report'' was 5 sentences and barely a paragraph. Half of it was to do with him saying he didn't understand the need for Gadolinium.

    Here are my MRI images. I called up my GP and the neurologist I saw has not seen the images yet, and my GP cannot take a look at the images because GP's are not given access.

    Sagittal + Gad -

    Axial -

    Coronal -

    I would like to know your thoughts on these images. My symptoms get worse when I am upright. I have had symptoms since 2011. It started off with a droning in my right ear that would go away within 20 minutes of lying flat. Up until around 2017, I'd wake up in complete silence, but by evening I'd notice the buzzing/droning/whining getting bad. My other symptoms are thunderclap or ice pick headaches, usually at the back of my head. I also have near constant muscle spasms all over my body that feel like a snake is poking its tail out behind my skin. I'm having trouble remembering things and my processing speed is very slow now. I have a constant dull pressure at the back of my head along with neck stiffness and tingling in my mid spine and my scalp.

    All my symptoms used to fully go away after a night's rest but now a long night's rest barely touches my symptoms and my symptoms are getting worse. I am really struggling mentally and physically.

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    Can you see a different neurologist. Neuros I have seen (not for CSF leak) go over the pictures with you.

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