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Thread: Happy Labor Day!!!

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    ((((((Hugs to All)))))) ~

    Virginia ~

    While the fires are not in proximity to me, when I took trash out to the bins this afternoon, I noticed a light powder of ash on the lids. Today has been cloudy and cooler in the upper 70s with smoky air. The sky looked ominous at dawn this morning on my walk.

    One of the fires near Yucaipa was started by a pyrotechnic used in a "gender reveal" at a park in the vicinity. Over 8,000 acres have burned so far as a result of this foolish, selfish, stupid decision. People have to evacuate, may lose their homes, just so they could have "fun" revealing their baby's gender. Exhausted firefighters and law enforcement officers have to work 24 hours to try to contain this beast. People might die, and wildlife definitely will perish.

    I wonder how these thoughtless people feel right now about setting everything around them ablaze. I feel sorry for their child, because s/he may feel responsible for this fire someday. Plus, if they don't have common sense enough to know that it is dangerous during fire season, when the temperatures in Yucaipa were 112 on Saturday, to set off any kind of a pyrotechnic device, what kind of guidance can they provide to their children?

    It's infuriating.

    agate ~

    I'm sorry your day was filled with mishaps. I'm grateful that your power returned. Is your TV working now? Did your neighbor find her dog?

    We're supposed to have strong winds later this evening, which won't help the fire situation at all. Strong winds are really scary for a lot of reasons. I'm glad that you're safe.

    William is positively adorable! I'm fascinated by his art work. His color selection, composition, and shapes are quite artistic for a 2 year old. Plus he's interested in the guitar and piano. He certainly has a creative side!

    Be safe and well everyone.

    Love & Light,


    *Virtual Hugs Are Germ-Free!
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    A bunch of people getting together to party with their babies at a time when we've been told to avoid gatherings??? And on top of it, the gender-reveal partygoers start a FIRE? Words fail me. I just hope that most people on the planet aren't quite that stupid and thoughtless.

    Rose, yes, I did get the TV working, and I'm very very proud of myself because anything involving that TV terrifies me. The user's guide is almost incomprehensible to me, and Comcast "support" just wasn't there (as usual). And the power came back on.

    I'm waiting to find out about the dog.

    William may have an artistic bent. His birth father (now dead) played guitar, and so if musical talent is in the genes (some say it is), maybe there's hope there.
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