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Thread: La-Z-Boy Chair— not OT

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    Default La-Z-Boy Chair— not OT

    In teh infusion center they have this great fully reclining chair to almost a bed level. You use a lever and your body glides it forward. I like it cuz it has a small foot print and can be inches from the wall. The foot print is less than 36”, and it doesn’t have that really boofy look > It is made by la z boy, the RN gave me the tag, but she said it is discontinued. You can read on it and then push all the way back and nap.

    I want one at home. My couches won’t do for resting : they are so modern, and are meant to sit on. And too low to the ground to easily get off of them with my SPS shins.

    I called the local La Z Boy and they claim they have them like these. And I might sent DH to check it out.

    Anyone here have comments?

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    Thumbs up Buy It!

    ((((((Sunshine)))))) ~

    About 20 years ago, we bought a La Z Boy recliner for Jonathan with the features you described. He loved it. A few times, during a power outage, before we had a generator, we took Jon out of his hospital bed with an alternating mattress, and Jon slept in the recliner.

    I still have it, and now I sit in it in the living room to watch TV. Most nights, I fall asleep in it then wake up and go to bed. We got "faux leather," because Jon was incontinent. It has been used extensively, and it still works perfectly. Unfortunately, last year, a thin rod poked out on the side opposite to the lever, but it still reclines and sits up without a problem. I just have to be careful that I don't get poked by the rod. I know it's there, so I walk around it carefully.

    I hope that La Z Boy has maintained this kind of quality in its manufacturing. If you can find reviews on line of the recliner you want, that might be a place to start.

    I have two La Z Boy office chairs, which are about 10 years old, still comfortable. We went through so many office chairs, which were not comfortable, and when we found these, it was such a relief for our backs.

    For us, these have been excellent chairs and worth the investment over less expensive recliners. You already know that the infusion center chairs are comfortable and suitable, so, if you can find one similar, I say, "Buy it."

    Apparently, they have a ton of recliner options. I wouldn't know where to begin! Also, they are having a Labor Day sale on line:

    Be comfortable on a La Z Boy. You need and deserve it!

    Love & Light,


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    Sounds like the one I bought for my mother who was small. She loved its small footprint.

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    I have a recliner - my third one. I’m not using it lately, but when low back pain kicks in, it is a life saver. I bought the first one when I had sciatica. I have had Stratoloungers. They need to go close to straight flat. My MIL calls it her chair when she visits.

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    I have almost all my adult life had a recliner. I have changed them throughout the years for a new one, but not because they didn't sit or lay well, but because my decor would change as we moved around. I had two or three Laz-z-boys and the last two have been Comfort Design, but I think they are out of business now.

    I always like to sit in one like I am going to order before actually getting it in my home. I had one other make, but I can't remember what it was. They were all small in order to fit me. At least 3 of them I special ordered in order to get the material and color I wanted. There is a Laz-z-boy store near me and they let you do that. Also, Comfort Design did that for me. I sit in mine so much that after while they just don't look quite as good. I always get the cloth material and not leather. My other furniture in the room is more dressy, but I just have to put my feet up when I sit down.

    Wish you could try them out in the store.

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