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Thread: Biogen conference in Feb. became a superspreader of COVID

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    Default Biogen conference in Feb. became a superspreader of COVID

    Not a surprise here, based on my experience with Biogen in around 2004:

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    We have know this from the start up here in the Boston area. 😣

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    ((((((Hugs to All)))))) ~

    Sunshine ~

    Timing was crucial. In late February, people were not yet aware of the pandemic risk.

    "When it happened was critical: it was scheduled just as we were collectively beginning to appreciate the imminent threat of COVID at home--if it had been a week later the event likely would have been cancelled," MacInnis wrote in the email.
    "Also, because it happened early in the epidemic it had the chance to spread widely before extensive testing capacity, shutdowns, social distancing, and masking were in place," she wrote.

    "The other critical factor was the population the virus landed in: people who had come from many different places (including some where COVID was already circulating), and who then returned home, often unknowingly bringing the virus with them."
    The event would have been cancelled, if a certain person, who knew that COVID-19 existed but called it a "hoax," had done his job and alerted the American people.

    And now, more than 177,000 Americans are dead. Of course that certain person denies any responsibility.

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