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Thread: (Abstract) Adverse event profile differences between Rituxan and Ocrevus...

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    Quote Originally Posted by agate View Post
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    Now I'm confused. Multiple Sclerosis News Today (August 26) has an article indicating that the article in the MS Journal (link to abstract in post #1 in this thread) finds that the cancer risk is greater for Rituxan than for Ocrevus. It must be in the article itself but it's not mentioned in the abstract.


    Nope. Cancer risk is lower with rituxan. You can find a talk Vollmer gave about it a year or so ago. The patent on rituxan ran out so the same drug company developed a twin drug and called it ocrevus. They are almost identical but Ocrevus is way more expensive. There has been an effort to move people off rituxan and force them to take Ocrevus. That is why I am happy I had was the excuse not to move me onto Ocrevus.

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    My acquaintance was on Ocrevus. She died of a virulent cancer after a year. MIght be unrelated or related.

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