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Thread: Another advice question on incompetent pooping

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    Default Another advice question on incompetent pooping

    The warm water enemas were very effective, but take 1.5 to 2 hours of time between resting on the bed, and racing to the toilet with my rollator. WIth the worsening SPS symptoms lately, this became very painful to the legs, and dangerous in triggering a spasm in the shins.

    Doc suggested Fleet saline enema instead twice weekly, in addition to days I can take the Miralax (I have to stop Miralax 4 days prior to a doc visit or IVIG or risk soiling self in car or at doc visit, so the Miralax alone cannot take care of the severe constipation)...
    So, I bought the 4.5 fl oz bottle not knowing it comes in 7 FL oz size too. And Iused it this morning.

    So much better re legs. You only wait about 5 minutes before the urge comes. The whole thing lasts about 20 minutes, from start to finish, with only two back and forth to rest in between urges.

    Will call Doc office re 4.5 vs 7fl oz bottle. But who knows when I will hear back....Its a lot of salt to go into the bottle, so I know to drink water befor and after .

    Any opinions here from those who know? Jokes are welcome, because frankly, to still be talking about poop at my age is pretty hilarious ....

    Those marital vows: For better and for worse, I think pertained to this stuff. ...

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    Don't worry, I turned my back to this post, and had Sam read it to me and not tell me who wrote it.
    "The Purest Blue".

    Love and Rockets

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