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Thread: Coping with SPS

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    Default Coping with SPS

    Due to SPS, my life has become one of isolation, as there is little I can do with friends except on occasion. WITH COVID, of course, many are self isolated,which means I have more texting fun than before.

    The past 6 weeks has brought on waves of daily nausea that the docs cannot get on top of. So, eating becomes an Olympic event of shoveling in food around the nausea and meds.

    So, although there is still sig pain in my legs, and anxiety that kicked in when the stress became hard to bear, its the nausea that takes front and center. Curiously, all the other things seem much more bearable when I am not nauseous.

    Started med for anxiety. Too soon to know.

    Readings on Buddhaism helps cope with suffering.

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