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Thread: My experience with low dose Naltrexone

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    Default My experience with low dose Naltrexone

    I am posting this because I have had such great success with the above combo that I would love to see if others can benefit.

    I have spent the last 10 years in a total coma. Simple task took 5x longer and I would just look out the window in a daze, all day. Simple tasks of remembering where I parked the car or what I had to do at work were getting worse and worse. My doctor blew me off for years saying stress and depression. Then the hand and feet tingling started along with a feeling of being squeezed. I didn't sleep for more than 2-3 hours per night for years. Combine this with the onset of extreme depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, I could not imagine why I would want to continue life with this bleak future. Last year they finally ordered the MRI and clear cut MS. I researched my med options for 100s of hours and went against my doctor's insistence to go on some kind of beta interferon and chose Copaxone which had the least side effects. This gave me some lovely 3x bee bite welts for weeks at each location and made me feel about 15% better. I was starting to have extreme overheating issues to the point that even 10 minutes outside working was like 3 days in the desert. This was crippling as I could even exercise. I stopped going to all my workout classes and that only made things worse.

    After almost passing out from heat exhaustion I did some extensive research to see if there was anything that could help with the overheating. I found a forum and read 100s of positive MS reviews on LDN- Low Dose Naltrexone. I emailed the doc that night and he immediately said try and sent in a prescription. Life just changed... Within weeks I felt so much better. My energy came back about 50%, I slept for 8hrs and most of the tingling went away. My overheating was nearly gone after 6 weeks and depression was lowest in 10 years. I kept researching and found a few posts saying that DLPA was a great add on to LDN. Life got even better, way better. I have been doing this combo and can't even remember when I felt better over the last 15 years. I feel absolutely amazing. Instead of crashing around 4pm everyday I am wide awake till 10pm and sleep like a rock. My work productivity has gone up 10x. I quite honestly still take Copaxone, but not religiously at all. Will probably quit after next MRI. Without even realizing it, on vacation I got sloppy with LDN and did see the clock rewind again and symptoms came back slightly. Always take it now.

    Regimen - No gluten- low dairy, sugars, grains. Use only coconut and avocado oils. 3mg LDN at 9pm, lots of B vitamins in morning, 750mg of DLPA around 11am as it only works with B vitamins in system, ALA once a day, ceylon cinnamon used through week and lots of Omega 3.

    Also, LDN supercharges your immune system. I was sick 80% of my life with sinus infections, Bronchitis once a year and everything else. I took antibiotics 3-4 times per year. I have not even had a sniffle in 9 months since starting.

    I went from no hope to superman in 9 months.

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    :) I have been on 4.5 mg of LDN for 17 years. I would never go off of it. I quit having new symptoms and stopped progressing. I have had MS since I was 18 and I am now 76 and secondary progressive since 1995.

    Some people on the board also had old symptoms improve. I did not but I am happy to not be progressing. I agree that it should be tried for at least 6 months. Jeanie :)

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    Because if you’re good experiences with low-dose naltrexone, I asked my neurologist about it in my visit with him this week. He is open to it as another pain management tool. However, he suggested first talking to the marijuana doctor to see with her and increase in the marijuana dose would be first indicated.

    He said he would prescribe 2 to 4 mg each day and at such a low dose it should not have any side effects such as drowsiness.

    Most likely I will bring it up with him again at my wheelchair appointment which is one week after the marijuana doctor appointment.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with low dose naltrexone. Reading yours and others here experiences with it help me to talk to the doctor about it

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    Here are a few more positive reports I found:

    I've been on LDN for over a year now. I started at 1.5 and then increased to 3.0 after a week, then I increased to 4.5 after 10 days. I felt more spasticity on 4.5 and went back to 3.0 and I've been there ever since. No relapses, no attacks, occasional spins, but never escalates into anything. Picked up my prescription in January, only to find that my insurance had started covering half! Like wow!! That was an awesome day! So, I am continuing to take LDN with acidopholus (sp?). And living well.



    Just wanted to post my experience with LDN so far. I have just finished my first month of it.

    I went on LDN a month ago. At that stage, my fatigue was still extremely debilitating, I had real problems in the mornings (a lot of spasticity in my legs, it took so long to get going in general, and my balance was always dodgy when I first woke up - a lot of staggering around!), I was really struggling with having a foggy head, and I had a lot of pain in my right arm.

    After a few days, my fatigue had been gobbled up almost completely - I couldn't believe it!! It had been so crippling for close to a year! The spasticity problems in my legs were gone, my balance was far better, and all my cog fog was gone! Absolutely amazing. I feel like I have my life back to some degree now! I have been able to work, and while I'm still more tired than I would have been in the past, it is nothing in comparison to the level of fatigue I was experiencing daily before LDN. The pain in my hand remains unfortunately, and tingling in my head is still an issue, but I am just so glad that the fatigue is more manageable!

    I don't want to put it down entirely to LDN - at around the same time I started taking it I got a lot of prayer from my friends, which I am a big believer in the power of! I think LDN has played a massive role in my improvements though!

    Only side effects I experienced was sleeplessness on a couple of nights close to the start, and very vivid dreams (which, to be honest, are quite fun and I wouldn't complain about!!).

    I'd highly recommend LDN based on my experience!



    I have been taking LDN for around 5 months now.

    1) My headaches which had almost become daily affair have almost vanished
    2) Fatigue is much less
    3) Body pains have almost vanished
    4) A little more brain clarity
    5) less tired even if I sleep just 6 hours a day



    I take 3 mg before bed and love the results. I am off my pain meds (still struggle with pain-not as much, but don't like the sedating effects of the pain meds.) Off cymbalta too.

    I will say taking LDN is a delicate balance as everything pretty much seems to interfere with it.

    If I have a little bit of sugar, it makes me have a huge problem with yeast. LDN can do that. When yeast is a problem, LDN quits working.

    You have to make sure you aren't taking any drugs that make LDN not work. I was taking clonazepam to help me sleep and then realized it makes the LDN not work. You can google LDN and drugs you can't take with it, to see the list. It is surprising. All I knew is you couldn't take narcotics with it.

    I took prednisone with it once; bad, bad, bad. Had a horrible experience, just to say I don't recommend.

    When it works, it's great. I have to work at keeping it working and do nothing to sabotage it. It helps with pain and energy the most with me, and helps me dream (something I never did for 10 plus years.)



    LDN is the best thing I ever had for my MS. It took maybe more than 3 months for me to notice, but I mostly see the difference if I miss a day - I feel much weaker and I need at least 2 more days to recover... Very cheap and no any side effects; so for me it's a yes.



    I began LDN in 2005, with 1.5 Mg per day for the first week, and increased to 3.0. I also stopped taking the Rebif at that time. While I did not notice any improvement for the first three months, I also had NO flares either. Then, I began to notice that my breathing was improving- I could take time off from the oxygen for extended periods of time; the strength in my legs and arms was improving - I began to be able to take short walks with a walker, then longer walks, then changed to a cane, then actually walked to the bathroom without assistance! My sleep began to improve, as well. Improvement continued and actually increased, so that when I went for my six month check-up with my neurologist, I did not even take my cane, and I blew away my neurologist by acing all the tests.

    I am now driving again after four years, walking totally without assistance, and have dropped my weight down to 232 pounds. I hope to get back to my normal weight of 195 by year's end. In April, after my wife was diagnosed as a borderline diabetic, I walked in a “Walk For Diabetes.” I walked just over 21/2 miles, with no assistance, beginning with the first group out and finishing with the first group in! I was both pleased and proud to accomplish something else I never thought I would be able to do again. Now, I plan to spend the summer building a fence in our back yard and re-landscaping it.

    LDN is NOT a cure for MS. I still have it, and I still have issues with it that I have to deal with everyday, but I attribute my miraculous improvement to LDN, attitude, faith, and my new neurologist's willingness to prescribe LDN for me. It is allowing me to do things I never thought I would be able to do again.


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    I can Live Again!

    LDN dramatically reduced my severe chronic back pain, making opiates obsolete.

    by Tim Riley
    March 1, 2017

    Q: Please tell us a little about your health condition.

    A: Back in 1998 I had 2 back operations that failed and left me in a lot more pain than ever. Constant pain. Every 3-6 months, I was told to see yet another doctor and do another procedure (epidurals, burning of the nerves, steroid injections). They did over 30 procedures on my lower back, but nothing seemed to work. I was in incredible pain.

    Q: What was your pain like before LDN?

    A: It was constant and crippling. I’d wake up in the morning and think, “Where is my medication?” I’d have to pop a pill and wait 20 minutes for it to take effect in order just to get
    up out of bed. I had to hang onto things, like the countertop, in order to walk. It took me an hour to get going in the morning. I’m only 63 now but I felt like a very old man.

    Q: How did your doctors treat your pain?

    A: The doctors put me on high doses of long-acting morphine, and short-acting and extended-release oxycodone. At one point, I would take 60 mg of long-acting morphine in the morning, another 60 mg again at night, and every 4 hours during the day I would take an oxycodone. Here I was taking all those heavy duty drugs, and my body was depending on them. 3 to 4 four hours after taking oxycodone, the pain would flare up again and I’d feel like I needed to take it again.

    Q: Why did you want to get off opiate-based medications?

    A: I was on those medications for 12 years. I was able to get off of them, but then eventually had to go back on them for another 5 years. A couple times the pain got so bad, I took more than my usual amount. But if you run out of your medication early and you need more (because you can’t do without it), you are looked at like a criminal. It was so depressing.
    If you do one thing wrong, doctors will throw you out of their practice. First they tell you that you need morphine, and then, a year later, they are locking doors behind you. They are treating you like a criminal, requiring urine tests, and scrutinizing your every move. At one point, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I was going to commit suicide. I wanted off those other medications.

    Q: How did you come to take LDN?

    A: About 16 months ago, after telling my doctor I wanted to get off all of the opiates, he told me to go to a detoxification center that deals specifically with people with chronic pain.
    By giving me various other medications for different periods of time, they were able to help me get off all the opiates. As part of their treatment, they gave me shots of Vivitrol®, and I started to feel much better. After a year, though, insurance no longer covered those treatments. So, I needed to find something else. I had been reading about low dose naltrexone and decided to pursue it. I found a doctor willing to prescribe 50 mg naltrexone pills to me that I dissolved in water, and I dosed myself with 4.5 mg of LDN each morning. I’ve been on LDN for about 3 months. I haven’t felt this kind of pain relief in over 20 years.

    Q: How successful has LDN been in reducing your pain?

    A: I have 75-80% less pain than when I was taking all those opiates. LDN is affordable and has virtually no side effects. Even with all that, it’s infuriating that most doctors aren’t interested in it. I asked my doctors about LDN every now and then over the years, and they dismissed it, saying that it didn’t work. But it does. Yesterday I forgot to take my LDN,
    and I started to feel the pain return. I took it this morning, and now the pain is gone.

    Q: Has LDN affected you in any other way?

    A: I also have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), which is a lung disorder. I usually have 2-3 bouts with it during the wintertime, but this winter (since I’ve been on LDN) I haven’t had any exacerbations. Also, my mood is better. When I was on all those opiates, although I never allowed myself to get really depressed, I had to really fight becoming depressed. Now, because I’m in so much less pain, I don’t have to struggle to stay positive.

    Q: You mentioned that you take LDN in the morning. Why?

    A: I tried taking it at night, but I couldn’t sleep well. So, I started taking it in the morning instead, and it worked just as well without any side effects at all. I could probably try taking it at night again and see if my body has adjusted to it already.

    Q: What’s been the biggest change for you since starting LDN?

    A: I can walk freely. I just step out of the bed, and I’m walking right away. Like normal. It’s incredible. I could walk right across the street. My spine is like a disaster area, so that’s really saying something. I’m not 100% pain free, but I can do a lot more than before. LDN has been amazing for me. I am now doing better than I ever was when taking all those heavy duty opiates. There’s a radio commercial (advertisement) that says, “When you’re living on pain medications, you’re not really living. Why, after started “X”, I can live again!” I feel that way about LDN.

    Q: What would you like to tell people in the same position as you once were?

    A: If you’re in chronic pain and you want to get off the opiates you’re taking, but you’re afraid to, I’d recommend finding a detox program that deals with chronic pain patients. After you get off the opiates, I recommend you try LDN. Hopefully you’ll get better pain relief than you ever had before. It might set you free.
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    These are compelling testimonials for sure.

    Spoke with doc about it. He will prescribe it after I talk to MMJ doc this month about trying an increase of MMJ dose first.

    Is there a downside to taking LDN? I know Cherie said she couldn’t sleep on it. Any harm taking it in morning for that reason like above guy did?
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    Yes, there are quite a few people who have positive experiences with LDN. Thinking back over the posts I remember, 4.5 mg seems to be the ceiling and some people can't tolerate that much. But there were a few people who experienced negative reactions. I've heard of the vivid dreams. I've heard of more stiffness. I've heard of insomnia.

    Have you yourself tried it? I couldn't tell. The posts seemed to be copied from other people. What were your own experiences with it?

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    I found this thread from a few years ago where some people discuss LDN:
    MS, diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009.

    "Always put off until tomorrow whatever you think you should do today." --Anonymous

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    Hi, there's a wealth of information on LDN at and also I found a compounding pharmacy in NJ that ships to 50 states and sells a 3-month supply of LDN tablets for $46.95:

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