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    [B]sorry my eyes are blurry from diabetes or meds or whatever. the 2 tornadoes have passes, ffriends have become overly pulled too thin and left, I don't blsame them just miss them terribly. ,u children are still squabbling over what is hubby and mine. hubby runs his mouth his ords, without consulting me before he tells children what they cn have, we are still waitint for his truck to be repaired fter his wreck. I gvinally got toe healed after mny months of wound care only to step on the plastic stool that grandkids used to brush teeth, well I was using it to climb into bed so I would not slide off the slick sheets. unless the sheets re slick, I cznnot move on them at all with my dead n numb limbs. so without my knowint it, I had one foot under the stool trying to get onto the bed while I was putting my whole weight on the stool. uikes now I have another injury. no people, my extremities aren't dead,they are long past that. I cannot get my wheelchairinto housze to even drag a dust mop behind me. hubby and son thinks house is terrible but I don't have a magic eand to lan it. it it is kindA HARD TO DO IF YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO USE 2 CANES TO WALK AND TIRE OUT AFTER EVERY FEW STEPS.

    BUT LUCKILY FOR ME I HAVE 2 KITTIES THAT CONTRIBUTE TO fuzz in the air bu the peace they bring is so wprth it. let therestof family rage on over who gets what before we are even gone. kitties come for loving, not treats and calm me down better than any medication. and I like you folks that are in emotional support andmiss you. so don't feel bad that I am complzining to you because I hope everyone know its called emotional support and we all understand everyone benefits when we keep in touch. my real friends may be healthy and have jobs, family is too busy unless they need something but here is the comfort zone. take special care of yourselves and know your life means something to other people because of you being here and offering a word every now and then. I hope I can return occasionally to repay. but just know if I am not online, that does not mean you are forgotten so hang in there. maybe thinhs c ldAr up and I work out comuter or health problems and return some time. and hope to find out how my online friends have been faring. take care, late oh yes, my 80 yearold brothers alzhemiers has progessed and his 71 year old wife has had a brain b leed. she went to doctor because she fell out. they asked her questions and sent her home. next day she fell out again. so this time an amb ulancd was called nd zshe was flown to a large city. unfordtunately she has had 2 strokes since so things are not looking good for her at all. and my brother will not do very well without her. . my right eye has taken to twitching a lot and I think all the stress is getting to me. it is not the staying homd, I have had to do that for years. its all the other things I have no control over or say so even with kids and hubby that is making things more difficult. no need for any response, I know you are good people and I have the kitty power going for me ..wink wink. just take good care of yourselvesr. sorry for the rambling and no proofreading. later I hope./B]

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