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    [B]thank you so much Rose. i never checkninto braintalk withoutvreading ALL the forums. i feel like everyone at bt is one large group of caring loving individuals. each has their vtroubles, illness etc but all understands this and is supportive. and that in todays world means as much if not more than it did all those long years ago when i joined trying to find facts and helpwith my own health problems. and then not long after how to care for my mother with her beginning alzheimers. tho at first i later learned she had low b12 and had had a tia. but she was put on arceipt for alz. and knowing that made her close up faster than she should have. how i wished i had handled things differently but with my hearing problems from menieres and problems that causes i just did best as i could. i was always thankful my hubby was understanding and helpful when it came t caring for her. i am finding he is willing to help now as at 80 years old, my brother is now on same path as our mother was.

    i have to say that braintalk has always had gfood role model of other loving caring peole to show how to lead the way in caring for others. no shortaGE HERE OF GOOD loving caregivers. i am thankful for all the guidance and just having a place to read how others have maintain and lived on and survived throgh unthinkable things. it helps and makes one know that to keep trying, you are not alone and not doing anything that many many others have done before you and are still in there trying. it means a lot.

    i remember that my mother, even after she stopped talking much, how much she hated the time i spent on the compuyer. i was on the computer researching how others managed what i was trying to do all the many long days and night for years. how to stay afloat and be ready for the next day of more of th same or worse. i remember the last really long stretch was over 7 years. hubby still had to work. we startedd off asking brother and his wife to keep mother every other weekend. she loved being with them, it was a hange of things at first and she was not as bad then. then it moved to please keep her every 3rd weekend. i have to say hubby is a keeper because he is willing to let me try and do as much as i can even tho i haven't rn a dust mop since way before Christmas (true), lol. but this past weekend we went to lake, water was up tp hight but it was a trip at least and we took brother, and i saw first hand just how far brothers alz. has increased. he is grieving of course but i knew he needed to get out just for a change. he had alreay started talkig about taking a trip to his sons, who both live in FL. woah, no he does not understND that you just cannot up and go because of some virus. so our short trip gave hubby and i a chance to see what we'd be attempting if we wanted to t ry. hubby also has a neice that lives in FL. i kinda have my doubts if we could manage. we will have to see just how antsy he gets. at least he has a daughter that lives just right near him on his side of the farm. she has already said her and her husband have a vacation planned for july 12. we did not ask who she had in mind to take over, she has grown children and James adopted Lindas' girl so we just offered to do what we could. boy now that is gonna be scarier than just a 3 dy weekendeither the vacation time for them or trip to FL. Just one day at a time and see if we are able to move the next seems to be the best plan so far.

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