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Thread: What I am up against: Still standing?

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    Oh Sunshine, I'm so sorry to read you are facing yet another very, very challenging problem. As others have said, you are a brave and valued member of this community and we will always stand by you and be here for you.

    Since erythromycin was mentioned in a previous post, I do want to tell you that at one time, long ago, I had a very bad experience with erythromycin. I was prescribed that med after having a root canal, as I recall. I think it was on the 2nd day of taking it when my stomach started hurting and I felt nauseated. By midnight I was vomiting and curled up in a ball on the bathroom floor writhing in pain and crying, as my husband rushed to the hospital, which was the only place open at that hour of the night that we could get a different prescription drug to counteract the erythromycin. I will never forget that dreadful night and will never take that drug again. I have since learned that stomach issues are a common problem with the med which is why erythromycin should never be taken on an empty stomach. I didn't take it on an empty stomach but sure did have a bad reaction anyway. I am allergic to penicillin also, so that pretty much limits the number of antibiotics I can use.
    Not trying to frighten you, just a heads up.

    I hope that this new issue is resolved soon, and you can focus all your attention on addressing the other nasty challenges that plague you.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    (((gentle hugs to you)))

    Joan aka nuthatch

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    :) You are in my prayers Sunshine/ Thanks for checking in. Jeanie :)

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    So sorry you're having these problems, Sunshine!

    In recent years--the last 10-12 years or so--I've noticed that I have a problem like that but never had anything like it before. If something happens to upset me--and it doesn't take much any more to bring this on--I lose my appetite and have diarrhea, sometimes for the entire day, sometimes even longer. Sometimes I can get the better of it as the day wears on.

    The big problem with it is that I get weak so very fast when I don't eat. But with me this is so clearly related to stress (and often to overdoing) that I try really hard not to let myself feel the stress. I can almost will it away sometimes--not let whatever it is bother me.

    That isn't as hard as it sounds. All I have to do is remind myself of what is going to happen to me if I get too stressed--the nausea/appetite loss, the diarrhea.

    I'm not saying this is anything like your problem--but hope you can keep the stressful situations to a minimum.
    MS, diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009.

    "Always put off until tomorrow whatever you think you should do today." --Anonymous

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    Sunshine, I forgot to add that my friend who definitely does have Gastroparesis does not get nausea with it. He just can't get food down, or at least it is very, very little. He is 6'2" and what would make a meal for him would hardly be a snack for me.

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