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Thread: Face masks arrived!

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    Default Face masks arrived!

    I ordered 50 masks through Amazon 8 weeks ago finally they arrived today.

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    Good for you Jingle. A friend of a facebook friend made and mailed me and Jared each a mask. They are not airtight by any means a simple two layers of fabric but if I was that concerned I would put a coffee filter between me and it. I just stay away from others if I have to go out.

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    ((((((jingle)))))) ~

    It took 8 weeks on a slow boat from China to get your masks! I'm so happy for you that you have them. But I do wonder why it is that masks are so difficult to obtain.

    When I look at the construction of the masks, which I have collected and are on hand now, it seems like a very simple process to produce masks. Why aren't we making these masks here in the U.S.? Seems reasonable and would create jobs in this declining economy for much needed supplies to fight COVID-19.

    The medical experts are telling us to wear a mask when we go out. But, where do we get said masks? We're told to make our own masks, or just wear a scarf over our nose and mouth. You waited 8 weeks for your masks.

    Why is it that we can't have enough toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, or other paper products? Or cleaning wipes? Why is it that we have to scrounge for masks or wait as long as you waited to get a supply of them? Why do medical professionals have to make do with whatever makeshift PPEs they can conjure?

    We are purportedly, according to our government, in a war-like state with COVID-19. Where's Rosie the Riveter right now? Why aren't we pouring resources into ensuring that everyone in the U.S. gets free testing, and no one has to wait 2 months to get masks or toilet paper?

    Instead, it's suggested that we drink disinfectants or have light inserted into our bodies to fight COVID-19. And then, we're told not to do that.

    We're going to need all of the masks available now that states are reopening retail stores, tattoo parlors, beaches, and people are marching in protest to being asked to stay home and save lives. It's far too soon to stop social distancing and self-isolating. Just watch the numbers of cases and deaths increase, because people were restless and believe that the virus is a conspiracy or a hoax. Everyone of those people are putting you, me, all of us at risk.

    There is simply no excuse for us, or any country, to not have been prepared for a global virus. And here we are ... we're soldiers on the COVID-19 battlefield sacrificing our lives to save the economy.

    So, jingle, I'm very glad that you have your masks now. It looks like we're in this for the long haul, unfortunately.

    Be well. Stay strong. Have faith. Avoid people, if you can. Wear your mask, whatever it may be, Chris, when you have to be in the presence of others.

    Love & Light,


    *Virtual Hugs Are Germ-Free!
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    wear do you wear it?everywhere?
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