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    Darn. Depression hasn't been used in almost a year from what I can see. The long and short is there has been a resident suicide at other senior facility in the neighborhood and we are not talking about a dump. I live in subsidized housing in an upscale senior facility. There's tremendous disparity in the level of services between the haves and have nots. Normally it is not problematic but this lockdown is something else. Not a happy day.

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    Going a bit batty. My physical therapist was "layed off". That dog didn't hunt so I started digging. I knew my therapist was prn but she has been working on me for a year. I found out she was NOT layed off but not being used so the full timers could get full time hours. Reasonable. The problem is they wanted to send a complete stranger to work on a spine that is messed up from C-1-S-1. Forget the fibro and other auto immune glitches. The cabin fever is getting to me. I think I may just roll outside tomorrow and tell the facility mafia to pound sand. I am a tenant not a patient. End of rant.

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