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    Default Tuesday night owl report

    It's roughly nine PM and it's just me and 23 guests roaming around here. Pull up a chair and take a load off. Gee. I miss my aid. No outside aids until the virus passes. I'm not safe to shower without supervision. I need help dressing and with meal prep. Blah Blah Blah!!!! Can't see my daughter or grandkids and the laundry is piling up. Grrrrr. End of rant. The weather seems to have stablized. Spring seems to be my most challenging season of the year with the crazy barometric swings. My physical therapist comes tomorrow for my weekly visit. Magic hands. When she leaves I roll over and crash for a couple of hours. Y'all have a great night.

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    LeBleu, that’s a lot of help to not have. How long has it been like that? Any chance that there’s another resident that can help with anything you need done? One of those retired nuns? At least the meals help and the laundry.

    My husband has been working from home for a month today. It has been surprisingly positive. A preview of his retirement maybe.

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    We have been on lockdown for a month. I am the baby in the building at 71. Some of these gals are well in their eighties and have aids too. We could temporarily move into an assisted living unit for $4000.00 a month. Not when your income is $900.00. �� I just keep reminding myself that each day puts me closer to being out of solitary confinement. Rest well.

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