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I watched the video of the interview with Leilani's mother and stepfather. I am sobbing as I write this reply. My heart is breaking for them.


Lellani is a hero, who devoted herself to helping Seniors at the grocery store. Her last paycheck was $20.

The store failed to provide her or her coworkers with protection from COVID-19, including masks and gloves. There is simply no excuse for this, because every grocery chain is worth tons of money, and they are responsible for the safety of their workers. OSHA comes to mind here.

For their carelessness, this beautiful, loving young woman is gone, leaving her family and her beloved dog to grieve for her.

I fear for all people, who work in a dangerous environment now. And yes, grocery stores and the Big Stores are dangerous for employees. Every single employee should be provided with proper protection, and health care to cover the costs of infection and sick leave.

Leilani's passing is a true tragedy. As she was suffering, her coworkers finally got masks. But, she had to sacrifice her life for that to happen.

God Bless Leilani's loved ones and grant them peace and comfort.

Love & Light,

Yes Rose, I'm crying and also fuming! Nobody should be working without gloves and masks now. Especially someone who is disabled and around other high risk populations. I was informed by my teacher friend with the stroke that because she had a neurologic condition she should have had the right to take medical paid leave and my friend T was able to get medical paid leave due to the fact that she has Cerebral Palsy and is high risk. T also works in a store normally. It also appears she was underpaid to begin with but I could be wrong. Someone above her in power at her work did not see her life as worth protecting. Disgusting! What a horrible, TERRIFYING way for her to die. It makes me so nervous for my 1 other friend who works at a grocery and actually looks like Leilani.
RIP Leilani. I will remember you.