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Thread: PayPal Donations for BTC, Inc.

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    Default PayPal Donations for BTC, Inc.

    I am happy to announce that BrainTalk Communities is once again fully set to begin accepting donations through PayPal.

    In communicating with our SYSOP, (Mike), it seems that we will be waiting until we upgrade until we embed the button on the page. Unfortunately, there seem to be a few snags to delay the upgrades. I will see if I can get Mike to chime in to give a better idea of the timeline on the upgrades to vB5.

    I will be posting a link here for those who wish to help support BrainTalk Communities, Inc.
    There is no reason why we can't help start keeping the NPO that maintains this community afloat immediately.
    All donations support BrainTalk Communities, Inc. a MA registered, 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

    Donate to BrainTalk Communities, Inc.

    Thank you in advance for your continued support for the community, and fellow members.

    David Hosobuchi
    BrainTalk Communities, Inc.
    "The Most Determined Win!"

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    As I do not do PayPal, is there a way to send a personal check?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunshine View Post
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    As I do not do PayPal, is there a way to send a personal check?
    Hi Sunshine

    Yes, there is actually. You can send it to me (I am now the official Treasurer for BTC Inc) and I'll deposit it into BT's account. However I am currently in the midst of moving out of state and would ask that you hold off until I land in OR around the 1st of the month :)
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    Okay, will wait for a message from you as to where to send my check. Have a good move and watch out for COVID on your way north...

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