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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeanie Z View Post
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    :) Shortly after the PT lady left I started sneezing and I sneezed all night. I went through a whole box of Kleenex. I am coughing and have a sore throat but no fever. My nose keeps running and I took an antihistamine.

    My friend Liz dropped off some chicken noodle soup last night and this afternoon she brought me some more.
    She does not come in as she does not want to catch what I have.

    My sinuses are full and my forehead feels tight. At least I have no fever so it must not be the C virus. I have absolutely no energy and am so tired of my runny nose and coughing. Please say a prayer for me. Thanks, Jeanie :)
    Sinus infection?
    Many in my area have a bad cough and a sore throat: lasts about 2 weeks, some developed into bronchitis. Keep nursing yourself, if necessary, a trip to PCP if it worsens in a week?
    Sorry you are suffering Jeanie.

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