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Thread: Undiagnosed and getting worried :(

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    Default Undiagnosed and getting worried :(

    Evening all, I am new here so would firstly like to say a big hello from Plymouth, England :).

    I have a condition which is starting to worry me and which is seemingly impossible to diagnose so I am turning to the internet for help.

    A few years back I was watching TV and I noticed something wasnít right with my left eye it was kind of shimmery like someone had shone a torch in my eyes. This came and went over the next few months until one night I pretty much lost the vision in both eyes for a minute or so in a kind of pool of black and shimmering, I took myself to A and E thinking I was having a stroke but they found nothing but the doctor said he was sure it was an eye problem. I have seen a specialist who assures me after numerous visits and tests that the eyes and the nerves between the eyes and brain are fine. I have over the last 6 months started to get sharp pains in my left eye and occasionally the right and also strange dull headaches that seem to rob me of myself and make me feel like an empty shell and sometimes dizzy. I was referred to see another specialist in headaches who assures me this is a weird type of migraine with visuals but itís happening so often and feels so bizarre I am sure he is wrong and Iím starting to get anxious etc.

    Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards Richard Brown.

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