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    Hi, does anyone else here get automatically referred for a flu jab since having hydrocephalus or colloid cyst removal? Iíve been having them since and also been told Iíll always be entitled to have it annually, so just wondering if anyone else has the flu jab too.

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    I was told by my endocrinologist to get one because I developed DI. DI or diabetes insipidus is caused by the pituitary gland not generating enough anti-diuretic hormone causing copious amounts of dilute (water like) urine and an increased thirst. It's usually a transient complication of brain surgery but mine was transient for a decade. They were looking for it after my surgery but I just lived with it for years before my surgery. My DI was caused by the cyst and not the surgery. All the bathroom trips should have clued me that something wasn't right. But it took headaches and an unsteady gait to finally get me into the ER and have the CT scan. The DI finally cleared up on its own after a decade of thirst and meds (dDAVP). It can also be a complication of third ventriculostomy which my surgeon performed but it failed and I needed a VP shunt anyways. But it wasn't the shunt or hydrocephalus but the DI that the doc said made me a candidate for the flu shot.


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