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Thread: what are your plans for Christmas?

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    Default what are your plans for Christmas?

    well merry Christmas

    im doing nothing i guess Freddie the Freeloader's Christmas Dinner (1981 Complete Holiday Special)
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    Merry Christmas! My plans are just spend time with family, open gifts and eat.
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    merry christmas, clouds!

    me and 2 of my 3 kids will have dinner and open presents.

    we might go visit my 95 y/o dad if he is home.

    don't you have a sister (not sure if i'm remembering well)? sometimes it's nice to spend a little while with family.

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    I am going to be heading into to Boston from my hotel in Burlington. I am going to be running around wherever I can find a place to get good food for a late night dinner.
    My wife is landing at Logan sometime around 9 o’clock. She will have been traveling since early morning. We might try to find a place to eat.
    I have not seen her since before Thanksgiving.
    I am happy though. For what I have accomplished by being here, it is worth what I have given up.
    My wife and family in CA have been extremely patient and understanding. They have also sacrificed.
    I usually cook the roast beast! A whole prime rib, dry aged, salted, encrusted with my spice blend, fresh herbs, studded w/ whole garlic cloves, into my BBQ for about 5 hours with a plum wood fire.
    This year it's going to be oven roasted by someone else.

    I can say Happy Holidays to All!

    BrainTalk Communities is back on its feet as a healthy nonprofit organization!

    After the holidays I will get to work on upgrades, donations, and more.
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    Merry Christmas back at ya Clouds, I will be gloriously alone on most of Christmas Eve and most of Christmas day. It's a Christmas miracle lol. I will be loving it. Jared is going to his dad's on Christmas eve and getting home Christmas afternoon. Then I will be making a ham dinner. My first and if it turns out like my turkey did on thanksgiving I will be disappointed. Very dry and over cooked. Hope everyone has a great holiday.

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    I'm baking. I did two really good batches of cookies this morning and, after my little turkey breast, I'll do one more.
    The cats are delighted that I'm just home and quiet. I love a quiet day at home too.

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