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Thread: Keep on Moving: December 2019

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    I’ve been walking a lot. Almost every day. A month ago my new doctor sent a summary of my labs. A long list of tests were normal but he said that my A1C was in the pre-diabetic range. He said to “lose weight and see a nutritionist.”

    Clearly he did not recall that I just lost 27 pounds last year and saw a nutritionist for help to STOP losing. The plan was to add calories to everything I was able to eat. After a year of eating like that, I am not surprised my A1C is elevated. It is 5.7 (I think). It was the lowest number to be considered “pre-diabetic” under the ADA and is not considered pre-diabetic under WHO.

    I have dropped some treats that I have gotten used to, increased whole grains and really ratcheted up the walking. I hope my f/u test in a few weeks will be lower. Otherwise, I will be seeing a. Nutritionist to do the opposite of last years plan. <perplexed>
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