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    Default Happy Thanksgiving

    First I want to say Happy Thanks giving to all BrainTalk Community Members wherever you may be, no matter how long you have been absent. You are always welcome.

    I am happy to be able to spread the news that our nonprofit organization is well on the road to self sufficiency, and recovery. One more filing with the IRS should do it.
    We will then be able to, and will, operate, take in funds and donations just like any other charitable organization.
    We just won't be depending on doctors, having to take time from being doctors, to do all this.

    Monday we had a "mini" Directors meeting in Dr Daniel Hoch's office in the Neurology Dept at MGH. I had met with Mike on these specific subjects before leaving for Boston in length, and he had already sent me with his vote on this.

    John Lester was officially removed from the board of directors, and role of President of BrainTalk Communities, Inc. by unanimous vote.
    Additionally, David Hosobuchi was added to the BOD, and elected the new President of BTC, Inc, likewise by unanimous vote.

    Dr Daniel Hoch will be remaining the treasurer "in title" until I return to CA and open accounts there. Then he can transfer the funds from MA, to the bank in CA. At that time Mike Weins will become the new treasurer.

    I have taken responsibility for several priorities for our community. We (The organization) has in its possession the actual OSX server that probably should contain most of everything BrainTalk since we first upgraded to vB. This server was purchased by member donations. by There could be some damage to the drives after the crash 13+ years ago. But I see the return of OUR archives to be a major priority. I will get on this, as quickly as resources make it possible. In fact we see this as so important, we have already started to to look for possibilities.

    Tuesday we had a wonderful meeting with the curator of the Paul S. Russel Museum for Medical History and Innovation at MGH.
    I'm sure you can understand how BrainTalk might fit into that category!
    I don't want to say to much about this, except what is probably obvious. They were very interested in BT's history with MGH Neurology, and the fact that indirectly, was actually connected to Harvard/MGH receiving their domain names.

    I am feeling really good for BT.
    I feel the in the past week, by coming to Boston, more has been achieved than in the past 13+ years for the NPO.
    Dr Hoch has a to-do list that will attempt to connect BT behind the scenes on medical levels.
    I also have my to-do lists.

    I now need to secure a spot at a dinner table somewhere.
    This is my first Thanksgiving off alone, away from family, in a strange town...
    As a former chef, I want something nice and satisfying.
    Dan and the curators of the Russel Museum suggested The Liberty Hotel's Restaurant...
    It's a stones throw from here.
    I think I will head there soon.


    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.
    "The Most Determined Win!"

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    Wishing you the best, David Hosobuchi

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