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Thread: Music -revisited

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    Default Music -revisited

    I started a music thread long ago, but what happened to it, I don't recall. Music is very calming to me and often lyrics express feelings I'm having even though some probably weren't written with those feelings in mind at all, like this song by John Mayer, called Gravity. I call it the MS song!

    I love John Mayer's music. I relate to so many of his songs.
    This one really hit home several years ago. I remember I'd cry as soon as we drove away, every time we'd go down to visit my folks. My daughter does that now after she comes for a visit. We can't stop the train.

    Love this too

    This is long documentary, but a good watch, of one of my favorite current artists.

    Let's start the music thread again. Enjoy and share your favorites.


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    Thank you...thank you..thank you.

    I will go listen. Today I happened to catch a piece by Debussy on the radio. I know it well and it floods me with joy.

    Just remembered....the piece by Debussy is Clair de Lune...
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    I like "Clair de lune" too.

    Thanks for acquainting us with the music of John Mayer. "Gravity" is definitely a song for people with MS.
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    hey all !

    thanks for restarting the music thread. i love all kinds of music and always have the radio on during the day. i'm not a big country music fan, but if something is good it doesn't matter the genre. this singer, alison krauss has a pure bluegrass voice. i listen to sad songs when i'm sad...weird? i dunno. i just need to get it out sometimes. hope you like this as much as i do:

    thanks for sharing,
    jeannie (tic chick)

    when i clicked on the arrow to hear the song, i saw it redirected to the you tube website. here is the direct link:

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    I like Alison Krauss. I saw her in person many years ago here in Raleigh.

    I will listen to all of these as soon as time permits. Got to read a little and get in bed.

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