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Thread: What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

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    I remember huge holidays with piles of relatives … so long ago.

    We have church on every Wednesday night, but this Wednesday is the day before Thanksgiving and many people will be traveling or otherwise tied up.
    So we're having service on Tuesday night and everyone is supposed to bring a pie! We'll have service in the church basement with pie and coffee.
    That sounds like fun. But I don't make pies. What should I do? Bring some brownies? Some cookies? Buy a nice pie somewhere? aaggghhhhhhh

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    hey all !

    chris, i make my own cranberry sauce. looks like your mom made the fresh version. i make the cooked version that's on the back of the packages of fresh cranberries, but with my own modifications. instead of all water, i use half water, half orange juice. i also think the recipe calls for a cup of sugar. i reduce that to half a cup of sugar, i find that makes it plenty sweet. after the mixture cooks, i add some grated fresh ginger, to taste. then i refrigerate it. one year a friend invited me to her new year's eve party and asked me to bring a side dish. i made the cranberry sauce because she was having a roast pork loin and cranberry sauce goes very well with that. i had a whole pomegranate in the fridge, so i pulled it apart and took out all the seeds and added it to the cranberry sauce the last few minutes of cooking. it worked so well! people noticed the pomegranate seeds and asked what they were. i told them and they asked where i got the recipe and i said i just did it to be a little different. they all liked it.

    jingle, i think bringing cookies or brownies or something else that is in the dessert category is fine. not everybody likes pie and not everybody eats dessert. i think brownies cut up in small pieces and cookies give people a choice. i like a little something sweet after dinner, but a whole slice of pie is not in my usual eating pattern. i will have pie on thanksgiving, but otherwise, no. i think anything you bring will be appreciated .

    agate, i didn't find your post a thread killer, just an honest account of how life changes for all of us. when my kids were young, it was always just our nuclear family for thanksgiving. when my daughter went to college, she would always come home for thanksgiving, which was a happy time for me because i missed her so much. after i separated from my husband, we either had dinner here or where ever my youngest daughter lived, always with my husband present. now that my daughter lives in new york and doesn't come home for thanksgiving, and my youngest works for the tsa and has to work during the busy thanksgiving travelling days and my husband has died, i only cook for my son and myself, mostly because i like to and we have leftovers for several days and i don't have to think of, "what's for dinner?". life has changed for my family, also.

    generally, i think the media and tv movies all promote this idea of an idyllic holiday season, with families happily gathering together. yes, there is too much rich food, too much food in general. all this gaiety affects us subconsciously and we have high expectations for the holidays. i think whatever we feel like doing is fine.

    and gag me with a spoon with those syrupy sweet hallmark movies.

    thank you all for sharing and caring,
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    tic chick, I recall making cranberry sauce. I followed the package directions too, but cut down on the sugar. It was fun waiting for the berries to start popping, and they were such a pretty shade of red.
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