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    Hi everybody,

    I used to post here awhile ago. And I had a real cute username.....but I couldn't remember what it was, it wouldn't matter anyway because I would never have remembered the password. And as I have a new 'puter I couldn't get it off the password list!

    I really didn't post much but I registered anyway as I didn't want to be just a lurker. And to be honest I left b/c I didn't like the politics and when I brought it up I was ignored by the powers that be and soundly slapped by a couple of residents here :-) anyway it's gone and here I am TaDa!

    I recognize a few names. But my memory is shot, as many of you can sadly relate to. I see Cherie isn't posting much anymore, sad as I wanted to ask her something. I used to enjoy a couple of farmers that posted here. I have always lived in a big city in an apartment or now a condo. I always thought it would be fun to live that way. Live not work haha.

    I prolly wont post much but I like to see whats going on.


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