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    The itching on my face, across my forehead and down the left side has become almost unbearable. It is really making me a nervous wreck. It has gone on so long. Started a year ago on Labor Day, so now over a year. I was on 3 100mg gabapentin daily, however a number of months ago I cut back to just taking 1 100mg at night. The itching has gotten steadily worse. My forehead is still red from the shingles, but it is the itching that is driving me nuts.

    I am scared of this drug. I don't remember anyone on here who is on it. I think Ann was taking just one 100mg capsule occasionally which would be fine. But to take two or three every day for a long time is scaring me. I have been reading about the side effects and they can be bad.

    Anyone with any information please tell me. Gary was on quite a high dose, but I don't know what happened to him with the gabapentin and if he remained on it.

    I miss Cherie. She might could give me some information.

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