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    I sit here and started actually dwelling on my appointment with my cardiologist. He said it so quick and so casually that I heard it but it made no impression though it rang out but he kept talking and I was trying to stay focused. 40% blockage in both carotids. I kept hearing it but my mind was sort of blocking it out, the importance of the statement. The impact this is going to and should have on my life. So I Googled. Yep, scared. My mom had both of hers done and the doc who did the surgery butchered her and she had terrible scars on both sides of the neck from her surgery. Almost bled out on the OR table. They had to crawl on top of her to apply enough compression to stop the bleeding. She was so horribly bruised everywhere afterwards.

    I am now officially terrified. I don't know why the doc who ran all of the tests neglected to tell me. He made like everything was fine. This new doc seems to be nicer and more caring and I like him a lot better but I am pissed that the first cardiologist let me believe everything was okay for almost two years. So I sit here and cry while I wait for it to sink in and decide how I am going to tackle this because it needs to be addressed. Immediately.

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