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Thread: MS Trust warns against MS "cure" claim

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    Default MS Trust warns against MS "cure" claim

    Another claim about an imminent cure for MS being picked up by the media--but the MS Trust has issued some words of caution:
    MS, diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009.

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    Thanks for the article/alert. I have started thanking people who tell me about some new cure they have just read about and I tell them I will be sure to share the news with my neurologist.

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    Good answer Linda. It is something I should have learned a long time ago about all the DMTs that have come out that people feel the need to tell me how much good they are doing. Instead I stand and listen and have to go through the whole bit about how my Doctor will not give them to me because he is concerned about B cell depletion. I watch most of them tune out, so they really never were interested in me in the first place.

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