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Thread: New Pain - Anyone got any idea MS or not????

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    ((((((Virginia)))))) ~

    Here's what we do:

    Soak a paper towel in Witch Hazel. Apply to affected area. Secure with cloth tape (available at drug stores and some groceries). Wrap in Saran Wrap, secure with more tape, to keep it moist. Leave on as long as you want to, as it can't hurt you. Put a sock on over it, and you should be fine to walk around. You might even find it easier. I'd let it rest for awhile, then get up and see if you have relief to walk.

    We've used it for so many purposes, and we always apply it, after we bump into something to reduce bruising. If I have a toe that hurts, say, I stubbed it on furniture, I wrap the toe in folded kleenex lengthwise, and I wrap the individual toe and pour on the Witch Hazel, tape if possible, and elevate my foot. Or you can tape the sore toe to the next toe, together, if that's easier. Put a sock on it, and you should be able to walk.

    I'm so glad that it worked for you, Jeanie, and I hope it will help you, Virginia.

    Healing prayers on the way ~

    Love & Light,

    Mom to Jon, 49, and Michael, 32, who were born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease and courageous spirits. Our Angel Michael received his wings in 2003. Our Angel Jon received his wings April 2019. April 2020, Jim, the world's most wonderful Dad, joined them. Now, they all watch over me.

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    Good idea with good way to do it. Thanks Rose.

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    I was quite a fan of witch hazel when I was in my teens. I can't recall just what I was using it for--maybe for sunburn?

    I can't recall if it helped either but it smelled really good.
    MS, diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009.

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