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    Several years ago, we had a Haiku thread here. Thought some of you might like to have some fun with it again. This is the starter writing from that old thread cut and pasted here:

    Haiku is a poetry style of writing that allows the person writing the freedom to creatively use wording without the need to rhyme. It has a distinct pattern in that the first line has 5 syllables, second line 7 syllables and third line 5 syllables. Technically, Haiku deals with some form of nature but here we can certainly waive that criteria.

    Here are a couple of examples I have written. Please feel free to create your own.

    New day, second chance
    To ease mistakes that have past
    And make all things fresh.

    Whoa! rhyming Haiku
    For our members we do woo
    We just never knew!!!!!

    Heal as you will
    Write, medicate, meditate
    Health will come to you

    "Take Prozac", she says...
    Side effects of writing less
    I'll take my chances.

    Meds take time to work.
    Words on the page give relief
    Much more quickly here.

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