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Thread: I'll See You In My Dreams

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    Quote Originally Posted by Earth Mother 2 Angels View Post
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    ((((((Hugs to All)))))) ~

    In 2003, a couple of weeks after Michael’s Celebration of Life Ceremony, my Uncle Jim visited to give me a special gift, which he shopped for and chose for me. Not my aunt, him.

    A delicate gold necklace and a gold initial M pendant with an angel clinging to the side of the M.

    Aside from cleaning the necklace and pendant, this treasured gift has been around my neck for 16 years. It’s the only necklace I wear.

    My Uncle Jim, who is only 7 years older than I am, and who is closer to being my brother, now has Alzheimer’s. He doesn’t remember me or our boys nor the thousands of ways he helped us.

    After Jonathan passed, I began searching for the same pendant with a J. I found many J gold pendants, but none of them matched Michael’s M. Every few days, I would try a new search to no avail.

    A few days ago, I had a dream about my Uncle Jim. He was as I remember him, sharp, witty, sweet, loving, kind. He said to me, “Keep looking.”

    I did, and I found it. It’s referred to as “vintage,” because it was made in 2000. It may be used, but that’s fine. So is my engagement/wedding ring. I chose to believe that it belonged to a woman, who had a long and loving marriage. And, I have.

    Jonathan’s J was delivered yesterday. I was so excited to open it, and it is exactly what I was searching for. It is sparkling new. Like Michael’s, it has notches in it, so it glints, when it catches the light.

    I cleaned the chain and Michael’s M, and then I added Jon’s J to the chain. However, both charms on the same chain means one obscures the other. So, today, I cleaned my other gold chain, and now I have two necklaces. The chain lengths are ideal. They both show up perfectly.

    This means so much to me, it’s indescribable. Just as I wanted Michael and Jonathan to have the same urns, I wanted to wear the same style of Michael’s initial for Jonathan.

    Instead of visiting me in my dream, Jon and Michael sent Uncle Jim.

    Growing up together, I called him Jimmy and still do, and I’m the only one on Earth now, who still does. In fact, I have known him longer than anyone on Earth, as all of our elders have passed.

    We had a nurse to tend to Jon and Michael at our wedding, who had provided respite care for us several times. We didn’t have time with all of the preparations to tend to them. Nevertheless, Jimmy sat between them during the wedding and made sure that they were okay.

    Before the wedding, Jimmy gave me a beautiful crystal heart necklace, which belonged to his mom, my grandma, who had passed two years earlier. We cried, and he hugged me. “If anyone deserves happiness, it’s you, Rose. I’m so glad you and Jim found each other. The boys have a dad now, and you have a strong man to help you.”

    When the boys were in the hospital, Jimmy would show up to support me, as a single mom, and to remind the boys that they had a loving male role model.

    The day we extubated Michael, Jimmy was there beside me and Jim and several of our friends, as we prayed over Michael, read scripture, hugged him, held his hands, loved him.

    When Jim and I stepped up to the podium for Michael’s eulogy, Jimmy sat beside Jonathan, holding his hand, wiping his drool, hugging him. We didn’t ask him to do this. He got up from his wife and daughters in the pew behind ours and sat next to Jonathan.

    I could go on and on about all of the wonderful ways that Jimmy has helped us and loved us.

    For many years during college football season, Jimmy would call me during the OSU half time to talk about the game. We had such good laughs together. Those calls became fewer and fewer.

    The last time I spoke with Jimmy, he called me on a weekday afternoon. That was 2015. He was rambling, and he was taking lots of walks down memory lane with me. I could tell that something was amiss.

    Then he began crying, and he said he was so sorry for the difficult life I’d been given and all of the problems the boys had had and the struggles we endured.

    I tried to comfort him, by reassuring him, “You were there with us every step of the way. I was never alone or afraid, because you were there for us. Please don’t cry. In so many ways, we are very blessed.”

    When I learned of his Alzheimer’s diagnosis, I was and still am devastated.

    Now, he visited me in a dream, thanks to Jonathan and Michael, who adore him, so that I could have this beautiful matching J pendant.

    Hmmm … it seems I have described how much this means to me, after all.

    Thank you all so much for walking beside us on our journey, and for your love, prayers, and continuing support. We love you and pray for you and your loved ones.

    Love & Light,

    Hi Rose,

    I think it is beautiful that you wear necklaces for each of your boys and even more beautiful that Uncle Jimmy told you when Jon’s necklace was ready to be found. I’m sure the boys made sure your Uncle’s message got through. I’m so sorry your uncle has Alzheimer’s!
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