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    can anyone tell me if in 2014 brain communication to an external device was possible without being connected to anything at all.

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    I am hoping that the original poster might see this.

    Can you be more specific about what kind of neurological communication, and possibly the type of device, or purpose?

    An EEG could be sent over a VPN to a clinic from the patient’s home if they had WiFi. This was commonplace in many epilepsy centers in the late 1990s-2000s. Many EEG Telemetries have been done in the home this way.

    I know that implanted electrodes have been used to stimulate the nervous system for decades, for many different reasons. One type I have had quite some exposure in my life is chronic pain. I knew a few pioneers in this area. If anyone can find the PBS Nova episode “The Keys To Paradise” which originally aired back in the early 1990’s. I highly recommend it! It’s dedicated to stimulation of the brain to produce endorphins for the relief of chronic pain.
    Around 2004, I started hearing about a project called “BrainGate”. This was an attempt to produce computer pointer and keyboard controls, operated completely with the power of the mind.

    All of these require some kind of connection in the nervous system, a way to transmit and receive the input and output signals. It really depends on how we decide to define that connection. As technology advances, the electrodes and implanted devices keep getting smaller. But unless the person is making a connection to some sort of device actively on their own. Alone. With absolutely no help from another device or machine, just their own mental power; Then a connection through some sort of transmitting and receiving device is necessary to get the signals to and from the brain and the external device.

    This is a field that is advancing at a rapid pace. I have heard that currently medical scientists are now researching artificial voice using the voice center of the brain to control it.

    If anyone does find a way to view that aforementioned PBS Nova episode “The Keys to Paradise”, please do not hesitate to message me, and let me know, or even post it here. I have been looking for it for many years! It has personal importance to me.

    That’s about all I can add on this subject. ��

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    hey firehorse!

    check out this page:

    it seems to show that you can watch that program from nova as an amazon prime video subscriber and there is a free 30 day trial.

    hope this can work out for you .

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