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Thread: connecting old VCR to modern TV?

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    Question connecting old VCR to modern TV?

    This might sound really nuts so bare with me here. I had one of those DVD/VCR combos for years but the VCR half broke recently(see previous thread and my attempts to buy a new combo player have been less than fruitful because the ones I found cost a LOT, so I was trying to connect my old Magnavox VCR I just found (from like 1998 or so) to a Samsung flat screen TV from like 2012 or 2013. Yes I know I should have transferred everything to DVD by now but I have so many VHS transferring them is too expensive, and I just adore VHS compared to DVD, so I would like to use my old player instead. The TV has that tri-colored red-yellow-white socket thing on the back but when I look at the VCR it has 4 sockets that don't seem to be colored. Any idea how to connect the VCR to the TV?

    I tried google already and the usual people I ask these questions are not open because of the passover holiday. Help? Any response may point me in the right direction? Thanks!
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