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Rose, I can't remember if this has come up before but I was wondering if you keep a hard copy of all the writings that you have on here. It is a journal chronicling this journey that you and Jim are on. I hope you have copies of it all for posterity. Hopefully, BT and all of us will always be here, but just in case something does happen I think you might someday in the future want these writings.

Glad there was a little time with John. I know you enjoy that, and he loves and enjoys catching up with you and Jim.
I thought of this exact same thing when Donna wrote this
"I wonder if a disability studies department at a university would be interested in your advocacy paperwork."
in the other Jim thread!

Rose you ABSOLUTELY should print everything of value to you on this forum and make copies of everything that was from your disability rights battle. If the website ever shuts down completely you'll likely want it and the disability rights documents etc could be useful to a disability studies program or a Disability History museum. I think people in disability rights are trying to stockpile disability history related stuff like yours.

So glad John is able to make social visits. I know he misses Jon. I love the photo of Jon! I too an relieved that Jim wants the tests.