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    Pretty much a science guy, not a spiritual guy.

    A few months ago, it seemed that out of the corner of my eye, mostly while working on my rural farm, I would "catch a glimpse" of something that appeared to be some sort of strange avian creature -- sort of crow like -- but not.

    And, always sort of a quick glimpse -- sort of a "ghost bird." I mean, it was obvious that nothing was really there, but I "saw" something.

    So, a bit uncomfortable. One day, in a certain area that I do not travel in that often -- had a car pull out in front of me. Quick reflex action caused me to avoid a very serious high-speed accident by inches.

    A week later, traveling in the same general area, again -- another vehicle comes from nowhere and slams into me head-on.

    In the meantime, I had been "seeing" this ghost bird,.,...but since the accident, have not seen it.

    Not even sure if it was a bird shape, just what I am calling it for simplicity sake.....seeing it made me very uneasy -- and then the accident. Was it some sort of sign?

    No way have I told anyone else about this and no -- this is not some sort of "joke" post....just wondering...

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