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Thread: Techfidera failure...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catdancer View Post
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    Neither of those has been suggested. Are you diagnoses as spms, or rrms?
    I was rrms for years then when I could no longer afford Rebif copays and went off med had a whopper of a relapse and never really fully recovered so after a little over a year my doc thought I might be transitioning to spms. It has now been 2 and a half years since then and I am back to that pre-relapse baseline again so technically I guess RRMS and not SPMS. That is not to say that symptoms don't worsen when I am fatigued or have a cold like now. Maybe I am in denial but I've had this for at least 43 or 44 years and when I have been on meds have responded well. I am grateful it is not worse and hope you will speak to your doctor about these options if you are concerned. You have had your share lately and I would hate to see you back in a rehab facility for both your sake and TC's.

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    Oh man, Cat. This is tough news.

    Before going off med completely, maybe Rituxan or Ocrevus?

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    There's also siponimod, a new oral treatment for SPMS that will likely be approved by the FDA very soon:
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