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Thread: Recurrent UTIs: Fecal Transplantation as a treatment

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    Default Recurrent UTIs: Fecal Transplantation as a treatment

    If this is successful, it can be a godsend for some of us....

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    Hmm. The study will be completed this coming June, I think. Maybe we'll find results published and we can find out more.

    I'm not getting my hopes up. It's a small study and only "Early Phase 1." Also, it's open-label. Didn't xo++ (Mark) take a dim view of open-label studies? Or do I remember wrong?

    Maybe I just don't want to go this route and am being unnecessarily negative about it. It sounds to me as if they're going to remove the patient's feces and put some other feces into us. This idea doesn't have a lot of appeal but if anyone shows that it really works, I guess that's what we'll have.

    There are worse things. Those worms someone thinks we should ingest, for instance.

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    Yes, but if it's safe and somewhat inexpensive, and more yucky in thought than in actuality, I can't say that I'd wait years and years for any double blinded trial results.

    Working off a risk/benefit ratio, I'd probably be willing to try it so long as it was found safe and reasonably inexpensive and seemed to work both in theory, in mice, and had some data in other conditions that I could assess.

    Call me daring, but MS has made me evaluate treatments from a different perspective. Antibiotic resistance is no light matter! And it may help MS too!

    Thanks, Sunshine!

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    IT is not yucky, because of the way its packaged. It is {distilled) feces.

    One interesting side effect reported on one patient was that she was slender her whole life. She got a fecal implant from a fat person, and she herself became obese. Perhaps obesity changes the biome of the gut.

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