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Thread: Seeking peace with Stiff Person Syndrome

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    Default Seeking peace with Stiff Person Syndrome

    Letís not scold ourselves from what we do not do. Even though we used to do it. Letís focus on the moment letís try to find beauty in each moment, whether it is an interesting butterfly that just flew by the window, a moment of peace with no noise in our home, or even a bigger moments of beauty such as when a family member is on the phone talking.

    With this disease, we do not need to judge ourselves in anyway. What my post donít show is that much of my day is spent lying down. This is with or without a swim. The only reason I keep swimming is that it feels so good moving in the water. And I am afraid of developing new problems if I donít move in someway. Yes, today I swim over 800 yards in 29 minutes. But I have been lying on the couch for an hour, dreading have to drive 12 minutes to a doctors visit.

    ...all day long, I try to talk myself out of going to an appointment because it just seems too much. My cooking now focuses on simple cooking, about 20% of my favorite recipes. I love the other recipes, but the thought of following the complexity of them, Even though Iíve cooked them 1 million times before, is simply overwhelming.

    It is human nature to judge ourselves. But it is not a recipe for a peaceful life, healthy or not. Celebrate moments of peace. Seek peace.
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    These epiphanies came from a wonderful fiction book, Breakfast with Buddha, by Roland Merullo. I am following up with a book called Uncertainty by Pema Chadron, non fiction. Start with Merullo,THEN, try Chadrons book, not the opposite order.

    There are also some wonderful meditation on line as well. InsightTimer is a free app, with tons of meditations to try.

    Meditation is new to me and helps enormously to stay in the moment and not clutter my mind with looking at the past and worrying abut the future. It lessens pain a lot too.
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