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Thread: Read op ed Sen Harris on healthcare in USA

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    Default Read op ed Sen Harris on healthcare in USA

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    I look forward to reading this in a few days, when the new month begins. I have a way of using up all of my New York Times page views.

    It sounds a bit like the book I'm just finishing. I hope a lot of people read it: American Sickness by Elisabeth Rosenthal, MD. It's full of horror stories, mainly about people who have been hurt by outrageous instances of greed and indifference on the part of a health care system that has become too big and complex to work at all well.
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    I believe that is true Agate! What a shame for a country as wealthy as ours that things are like they are. I wish someone could get it straightened out, but I don't know who it would be. Also, I have a concern about Doctors going along with making too many more changes. They are already feeling that they have too much paper work and it is sometime causing them to take it out on patients.

    I thought Kamala Harris's article was a good one.

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