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Thread: Who I have fostered so far.

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    Hey, Christine (is that right?)
    How's that going? I sure hope it is doing well. There should be lots of gifts for what you are doing ... kind, incredible work with needy animals.

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    Thank you for asking Jingle, Christina, my mom had to fight to get the hospital to change it on my birth certificate they put Christine and she was very upset lmao. People have been very kind and I have almost reached my asking goal. I really need like $300 more but I will have to manage what I can with what I get. It ends on Sunday.

    Well I only got two of the last four of Tommy's Ferals as that is what I am calling my community cats, he is the man who lives in the house where the cats hang out and he cares for them as best he can. I vet and he and a neighbor feed. He wants to take in a calico female as his own. She and a big ole tom are evading my traps lol. Tommy can actually catch the calico so I will take him a trap and let him put her in it. So I did trap two of the four, got a female spay and returned and trapped a litttle bitty guy who has a bad eye. Vet says it could have been born with it or it was an injury. He seems to be blind in it but it does not seem to be causing him any discomfort. He is on antibiotics to stop any secondary infections from his cold and some meds to help him stay calm so he will be more manageable and to relieve any discomfort he is feeling. A rescue group is paying for his vetting and we are waiting to see if he needs his eye removed. Hopefully not and it will necrotize calmly and quietly. He is only about 6 months old if that. By his behavior I believe him to have been born and raised in a home and tossed out either because of fleas or his eye to fend for himself. I had one rescue group tell me that it would be cruel to put a one eyed kitten back out in the community because of it's supposed chances of survival so euthanasia would be a likely outcome. I am thinking, come one, there are literally thousands of one eyed feral cats surviving out there. That made me mad and that is who I am currently fostering the three ferals which I still have and the new pick up for. One other told me it would be cruel to not return him to his colony and forcing him to be an indoor cat and another who told me that if a cat is tameable then it would be unfair to not give it a chance for a good life. So I am doing me, we will work with this little man and see if we can befriend him and find him a wonderful home. I have named him after the one eyed Viking character Odin who traded his eye for wisdom. Melvin just wasn't cutting it lolol.
    So I have taken him under my wing and am going to see if I can save this little guy.

    My tossed out kitty has been named Raven, has been spay, vetted, is FIV and Feline Leukemia negative. Had her first adoption event yesterday and got a lot of interest so she will find a great home fast. I can't wait until they find a barn for the three ferals I really need that space for Odin. I had to take him out of his ginormous home out there in the garage because it was too cold. Now he is in a carrier set up in the house. I want him to get use to the sights and sounds anyway.

    Wrote this yesterday and then forgot to post the dang thing. In the meantime little Odin is coming out of his shell, I have discovered that he doesn't mind dogs, loves head butts and catnip. He has the run of my room now, knows how to use his litter box, isn't afraid to explore. I think this little man will be just fine and will be totally adoptable. I will find out next week if they will sew his eye shut.

    GOt the request last night to help with 5 community kittens and mama. Can't take any more on. Am already bordering on being overwhelmed.

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