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    Cool What Next?

    Hi All - Have not posted in awhile - too much too quick going on but always looking for answers. I have been here a looong time, . I am currently suffering from P.N. in my feet, Numb or hurting, Shingles in front of my heart and too the rear on my back, Hurts like the dickens, May go to E-Room tomorrow (UGH I HATE HOSTITALS - esp. since the local one is nicknamed the Morgue, you check in but not out)) but have to go Monday for a retinal bleed) at a VA hospital that is excellent so we shall see. Just diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and am in Chronic pain ant my doctor says I can't have my Phyicaitric meds and pain meds. Go Figure. (the VA of Course) Wondering if there is a connection here as I am in serious pain, the last drop in (Pain Meds) about killed me and then the shingles came along with the retina thing, where does it stop? Add that to depression and the holidays, Yes I get to see a shrink but that is every 3 months - the Lex-pro seems to be helping) am going to get a second opinion since I have Medicaid as well as a second on the diabetes treatment - the VA is doing NOTHING except to give me Sagoplastin(SP) no blood glucose meter ("we don't do that except for people on insulin" - what BS - the literature for the med clearly say to monitor you Blood Glucose) so we shall see. never checked my feet either, My Mom had diabetes and I know well the consequences of not treating it. She is only a RNP - I feel that I deserve REAL DOCTOR - nothing against RNP's's but I feel she is out of her league with both my Pain Management and my Diabetes. Anyway, a full plate, I will survive, the lord will take care of me as well as the doc's and I have a strong will to live but I will NOT GO Quietly into the Night - Look it up as I Will Rage, Rage into the night but also to get Proper medical care that I have earned. Hope everyone is having a nice Holiday Season and is in the best health they can be. We ALL do indeed have much to be thankful for, even though we all have our Maladies.
    Aless 44 (AkA Skypilot Steve)
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    Hey Steve,
    Nice to see you here, I check once in a while. Definitely get another opinion, most docs give meters for free and you can get one for around $14 at a drug store. What gets expensive are the testing strips. I get mine from Amazon it's a lot cheaper, lancets too. I actually have a zillion lancets that a friend gave me, I use the tiny ones now, I can send them to you if you want. I may also have a meter, I'll look. PM me if you want them. You have to keep on them to get the treatment you need or they will just let you die. I have recovered from my disc surgery and the reconstruction of my thumb joint, I also found a good pain doc so things are finally getting somewhat better. It's always something it seems. We're still looking for a place to move and have considered Arizona and New Mexico in the lower altitudes, we'll see how that goes. Hope things get better for you, keep up the fight.

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